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Client Endorsements

"I just wanted to say thank you again. Meeting with you and having the counselling really saved our marriage. The help and support have made such a difference. **** has been away the last two weeks with work and as odd as it sounds it’s been so nice to really miss him.
Obviously it’s not perfect everyday but now we have the tools we can work it all out without anything escalating. It’s comforting to know we have you to fall back on if we need you but we are in such a good place now thanks to you". (SF - October 2022)

"I cannot believe how different I am now to when I first started the therapy sessions with David, I never used to put myself first or think that I was important, I didn’t give myself the freedom to say yes or no to things and just didn’t see myself! It wasn’t an easy ride, but it has been the best thing I have done in my life, for myself". (CM - October 2021)

"I have been attending counselling sessions with David for 6 months. From my first session, with his guidance, I began to explore and understand the issues that were having such an impact on my life. David's attention and explanations taught me ways of dealing with what was probably one of the most challenging periods of my life."

"David has a calm and reassuring approach to his work which made me feel like I was safe to open up and share the things which at times were so painful, without fear of judgement."

"I would highly recommend David to anyone seeking help from a counsellor and will be forever grateful for his skills. He has brought me from a very confused and dark space to a place where I feel confident and equipped to understand and process any issue I have to deal with in the future."

"My sessions with David were always very relaxing and I found him very easy to talk to. It was like talking to an old friend yet at the same time he gave me all the tools to work with and help me with my problems."

‘My journey of understanding and recovery was made possible with the skills and guidance of David. I no longer felt alone, but was able to share painful experiences with someone who had a genuine understanding of my plight. David’s calm and knowledgeable approach has enabled me to move forward to a brighter future’.

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